Doggie Dooley Dog Waste Disposal System Bonus Kit!

Keep lawns and play areas clean and sanitary with the Doggie Dooley! Simply dig a hole, install in the ground, drop in dog waste, and occasionally add Digester tablet and water for continuous break down of waste. Works like a home septic system by using Enzyme and Bacteria action to turn waste into a ground absorbed liquid. The Eco-friendly Doggie Dooley is harmless to lawns, pets and shrubs and has the capacity to handle the waste of up to 2 large dog or up to 4 small dogs. Each unit comes fully assembled, with a starter pack of Digester tablets PLUS a bonus 100 tablet supply of Digester tablets. Works well in all soil conditions except hard clay and heavy sand. The Model 3000 Doggie Dooley features a galvanized steel tank with an Outdoor Plastic, foot operated lid. The Digester tablets are non-toxic and designed especially for pet waste. The Doggie Dooley is an excellent way to dispose of pet waste safely and control odors. Doggie Dooley, since 1968! Comes as a Kit that includes 100 Waste Terminator Tablets! Free Shipping and Handling!
Doggie Dooley Model 3000 Galvanized Steel Tank plus 100 Bonus Waste Terminator Tablets
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  • Item #: 3000 w bonus
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